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Detector Class Reference

Class Detector. More...

Public Member Functions

 Detector ()
virtual ~Detector ()
bool SetOptions (const Simd::Motion::Options &options)
bool SetModel (const Model &model)
bool NextFrame (const Frame &input, Metadata &metadata, Frame *output=NULL)

Detailed Description

Class Detector.

Performs motion detection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Detector()

Detector ( )

Default constructor of Detector.

◆ ~Detector()

virtual ~Detector ( )

Destructor of Detector.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetOptions()

bool SetOptions ( const Simd::Motion::Options options)

Sets options of motion detector.

[in]options- options of motion detector.
a result of the operation.

◆ SetModel()

bool SetModel ( const Model &  model)

Sets model of scene of motion detector.

[in]model- a model of scene.
a result of the operation.

◆ NextFrame()

bool NextFrame ( const Frame input,
Metadata metadata,
Frame output = NULL 

Processes next frame. You have to successively process all frame of a movie with using of this function.

[in]input- a current input frame.
[out]metadata- a metadata (sets of detected objects and generated events). It is a result of processing of current frame.
[out]output- a pointer to output frame with debug annotation. Can be NULL.
a result of the operation.