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Detection< A >::Object Struct Reference

The Object structure describes detected object. More...

Public Member Functions

 Object (const Rect &r=Rect(), int w=0, Tag t=UNDEFINED_OBJECT_TAG)
 Object (const Object &o)

Data Fields

Rect rect
 A bounding box around of detected object.
int weight
 An object weight (number of elementary detections).
Tag tag
 An object tag. It's useful if more than one detector works.

Detailed Description

template<template< class > class A>
struct Simd::Detection< A >::Object

The Object structure describes detected object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Object() [1/2]

Object ( const Rect r = Rect(),
int  w = 0,

Creates a new Object structure.

[in]r- initial bounding box.
[in]w- initial weight.
[in]t- initial tag.

◆ Object() [2/2]

Object ( const Object o)

Creates a new Object structure on the base of another object.

[in]o- another object.