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Model structure. More...

Public Member Functions

 Model (const Model &model)
 Model (const FSize &size_=FSize(0.1, 0.1), const FPoints &roi_=FPoints())

Data Fields

FSize size
 A minimal size of object to detect. ONVIF size is restricted by range [0, 2].
FPoints roi
 A ROI (region of interest). ONVIF coordinates is restricted by range [-1, 1].

Detailed Description

Model structure.

Describes screen scene. It is used by Simd::Motion::Detector for algorithm calibration.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Model() [1/2]

Model ( const Model model)

Copy constructor of Model.

[in]model- other model.

◆ Model() [2/2]

Model ( const FSize size_ = FSize(0.1, 0.1),
const FPoints roi_ = FPoints() 

Constructs Event structure.

[in]size_- a minimal size of detected object. It is default value is (0.1, 0.1) ~ 0.25% of screen area.
[in]roi_- a ROI (region of interest). It is empty by default (all screen).