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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 NNeuralContains Framework for learning of Convolutional Neural Network
 CAveragePoolingLayerAveragePoolingLayer class
 CConvolutionalLayerConfolutionLayer class
 CDropoutLayerDroputLayer class
 CFullyConnectedLayerFullyConnectedLayer class
 CFunctionActivation Function structure
 CIndexIndex structure
 CInputLayerInputLayer class
 CLayerLayer class
 CMaxPoolingLayerMaxPoolingLayer class
 CNetworkNetwork class
 CPoolingLayerPoolingLayer class
 CTrainOptionsContains a set of training options
 NPixelContains various pixel structures
 CBgr2424-bit BGR pixel
 CBgra3232-bit BGRA pixel
 CHsl2424-bit HSL pixel
 CHsv2424-bit HSV pixel
 CAllocatorAligned memory allocator
 CContourDetectorContourDetector structure provides detection of contours at the image
 CDetectionThe Detection structure provides object detection with using of HAAR and LBP cascade classifiers
 CObjectThe Object structure describes detected object
 CFrameThe Frame structure provides storage and manipulation of frames (multiplanar images)
 CImageMatcherThe ImageMatcher structure provides fast algorithm of searching of similar images
 CHashThe Hash structure is used for fast image matching
 CResultThe Result structure is a result of matching current image and images added before to ImageMatcher
 CPointThe Point structure defines the x- and y-coordinates of a point
 CPyramidThe Pyramid structure provides storage and manipulation of pyramid images
 CRectangleThe Rectangle structure defines the positions of left, top, right and bottom sides of a rectangle
 CShiftDetectorShiftDetector structure provides shift detection of given region at the image
 CViewThe View structure provides storage and manipulation of images